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Phoenix GO 4

Advances in our R & D program have allowed us to bring to market this new Phoenix machine that uses gas only, without the need for oxygen and compressed air. You can now experience all of the great features of our Phoenix fusion machine, in a compact and more economical format.

Innovative Fusion Technology
The reputation of the Phoenix has been established in nearly 1000 installations worldwide in the last 20 years. In that time it has shown itself to be the reliable and flexible workhorse of the fusion laboratory; beloved by chemists and laboratory managers alike. The Phoenix GO takes that base level of reliability and provides users with an economic instrument without compromise.

Simplicity at its best
This machine will allow you to plug, play and Phoenix GO. It requires Gas Only to reach the super high temperatures required for even difficult sample fusions (Patent Pending gas burner design). The design is extremely robust, as is the case with all Phoenix fusion machines. The perfect flame of a Phoenix is unrivaled and will give your laboratory complete control over the fusion process.

Advanced User Interface
The Phoenix GO user interface has the look and feel of a modern laboratory instrument. This simple touch screen interface is easy to use and allows the programming of recipes, visual tracking of the status of the machine and easy access to higher functionality and service.

Established Reliability
The Phoenix GO takes all of the great features established by Phoenix fusion machines through millions of hours of operation across the world. If you have ever owned a Phoenix machine before, you will know how low the cost of ownership is and how easy they are to maintain. Just ask us about one of the many customer reference points where a Phoenix has been operating for over 20 years!



  • Preheating temperature and duration
  • Main heating temperature and duration
  • Temperature ramping and set points
  • Swirling duration, speed and frequency – multiple speeds in one cycle
  • Pouring angle and speed
  • Multiple stage cooling
  • “Fusion complete” alarm
  • XRF or ICP mode

ICP mode:

  • Pre-Heat and Slow Swirl
  • Main Melt (Melt temperature can range between (450 – 1100 degrees C)
  • Multiple HEAT stages
  • Cooling with slow swirl
  • 7 minute typical fusion time

Construction External aluminium case
Door Cool touch glass viewing window
Size (HxWxD) 530 x 763 x 598mm
Weight 75kg
User interface Touch screen user interface
Programmable recipes Up to 100 user-defined recipes with naming flexibility
Burner Gas-only fan-forced burner – 4-positions
Temperature measurement Thermocouple near flame (indicative)
Power requirement 50–60Hz, 100–240Volt AC
Cradle/mould holders Inconel, hastalloy or palladium
Crucible 30–40g
Mould 32/40mm, 40–100g
Throughput 20 beads per hour
Noise <70db





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